Script Length

All costs are based on time. Your final script length in number of words determines the eventual length of the video. As such all our calculations are based on this numer. Use the word count feature in your word processor or go to to perform your own word count.

Website Spokes People

This video floats over your web page and can be filmed close up or full body. Click below for a sample:

YouTube Videos

Your video is prepared to upload to YouTube or other online video sharing sites. Includes production and post production editing

Custom Embedding

Your video can be made to look like a part of your web site layout.

Video Banner Ads

Your video can be made to look like a part of your web site layout via banner ad.

Website Video Headers

Banners and Headers are nomally used to draw attention at the top of your web page. They will include a video with moving text and graphics

  • Personalized Video Email

  • A video email is nothing more than a regular email that links to a web page containing a video. Your email will be a graphic of an actor with a "Play Video" button and message of your choice. This links to a slimmed down web page where your video message will begin to play.
  • You-Tube Presentations

  • By now we should all know the power of You-Tube, granting us the ability to be found via keyword searches. Your video presentation is a 1 to 2 minute explanation of your services with full text and graphics reinforcing the spoken delivery with the actor of your choice.

Custom Embedded Videos

For a more custom look we can take your website design and help you with video integration that layers nicely with your existing page elements. The use of this option allows us to work with your web design more closely, producing a crisper and more professional look.



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 Website Video Overlay

Our video overlay allows the actor of your choice to seamlessly appear on top of your web page, in either full body or half body. Your actor can begin speaking right away or only when a user elects to click a play button. You to pay a one time production fee and have complete ownership rights

Website Video Header

Our video headers are usually 30 seconds or less in time, and allows the actor of your choice to appear within a specific area of your web page designed as a page header. Normally you will provide text and graphics to appear as the actor is speaking to reinforce your message.

 Video Banner Ads

Banner ads are your traditionally smaller square or rectangular vertical ads that contain a 15 or 30 second video message. These can be integrated into the layout of your web page or sent to online ad agencies to be run with your marketing campaigns.